Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California Bill AB2109

Any other Californians out there??
This info is for you!
Next Tuesday April 17th @ 1:30 at the State Capitol there will be a hearing regarding bill AB2109.
Heard of it??
If implemented, this bill would require a doctors signature on the vaccine exemption form when enrolling a child into school.

Doesn't sound like a HUGE deal right?
What happens when your doctors personal opinions on vaccines don't match yours?
What happens when your child's doctor decides NOT to sign this form?
What happens to our freedom to make an informed decision on our own?
Our freedom to choose?
Our freedom to raise our kids how we see fit?

See what I am saying?  It is just the beginning!
The beginning of the government regulating what goes into our children's bodies and the beginning of the government overruling our rights as parents.

Regardless if you fully, delay, partial or don't vaccinate your children, this is important to you.  It is not just about vaccinations, it is about our freedom to choose and freedom to parent.
If this passes, what will come next?

If you want more information on the bill you can read about it:
Or watch a video: Here

If you are interested in doing something about this, please come to the hearing on the 17th to show your opposition. 
If you are unable to attend, fill out or fax this form to
Assembly Member Bill Monning
Chair, Assembly Health Committee
Capitol Office:
State Capitol
PO Box 942849
Sacramento, Ca 94249-0027
Fax:(916) 319-2127

Lastly, pass on this information.

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