Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hope you all had a great Easter!

This Easter was so much fun.  Bubba Love is to the age where she really understands what Easter is all about!  It was great to hear all her questions about Jesus, our sins, and heaven! 

This is Easter morning, we made resurrection rolls...

My little girl has such an imagination, but when it came to this she just couldn't wrap her head around the symbolism.
She told me "Mommy, the marshmallows just melted... Jesus went to heaven.  I don't get it"
Maybe next year:)

Easter Baskets!

Opening them before our guests arrived.  We don't do the Easter Bunny thing, so Daddy Bunny brought these!  Which really means Mama Bunny did all the shopping and prepping, and Daddy Bunny got to deliver and get the thanks.

We had lots of family and friends over for dinner and an egg hunt. 

Baby C knew just what to do!

Everyone had lots of fun hunting and opening their treasures.

Spoiled baby even got some chocolate.

Peep cupcakes that one of Daddy's cousins made.

After a long day with no nap.  Baby C came in and crashed on the couch at 6!
Amazing, since this kid will only fall asleep in my arms or in his crib... tired boy:)

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Christa said...

Love the pics!
Looks like fun!