Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday {Sleep}

The Not So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom
This weeks topic: {Sleep}
Does your child sleep through the night? When did they start sttn? Do/did you sleep train? Tips for other moms or questions for other moms?

Sleep, what's that??
I pretty much have been sleep deprived since Bubba Love was born a little over 5 years ago! If it isn't one kid that wakes up, it's going to be the other... or the other :/
Seriously though, it isn't that bad. From the start, we have always co-slept (bed shared) with our babies until they are about a year and then we switch them to the crib. Then they have free range to come into our bed if they need to, but usually by then they are ready to sleep alone most of the time.
Co-sleeping has worked great for us. Even though I still have to wake up with a newborn, I am getting much more sleep then if we didn't have our babies sleep with us.
To answer the questions...
Bubba Loves sleeps through the night. She has slept through the night since she was around a year, but would wake up to come into our room until about 4 months ago. Now she is completely in her room all night long! And no, we never sleep trained her, we just encouraged her to stay in her room.
Buddy Boy has always been a good sleeper, he started sleeping through the night at like 2 weeks old! I am not joking either, he would nurse all evening long and then pass out for the night. He started sleeping in his room at around a year also and didn't really care to come sleep in our room until recently (around the time Bubba Love started sleeping all night in her room). Now, he starts in his room and is almost always in our room by 2 or 3am.
Baby C is hit and miss. He was a good sleeper as a baby and then once we moved him into his crib, he has struggled. He wakes up at least once a night for a binky or to be held or to sleep with us. I am too tired to argue with him most of the time, so I just bring him into bed with me. I know the time is coming (very soon) that I will need to "sleep train" him to stay in his crib because the new baby is coming and I can't have them both in bed together! My plan is to try to sooth him while he is still in his crib. I won't pick him up but I will rub his back, give him a binky, sing to him, ect. I don't agree with the crying it out stuff, so I hope to help him figure out how to sooth himself with out making him feel like I have abandoned him.
Enough about the kids... how about Mama??
I LOVE to sleep. I am not sure if I am a natural sleeper or if I have just been so sleep deprived for so long that I really want to sleep all of the time. I go to bed soon after the kids go to sleep and I wake up at the same time they do. Also, on the rare occurrence that ALL the kids are napping at the same time, I will nap also. Those days are awesome... today was one of those days:)
Here is what I wake up to after naps:

I am a lucky Mama, I know!

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Next weeks topic: {Toddler Learning} How do you teach your toddler? What do you think is important for your toddler to learn? What fun learning activities do you have to share with other moms?


Amanda I said...

I'm totally jealous that you were able to get them to sleep on their own without much fussing. Co-sleeping was hard for me, my husband is a bed-hogging furnace and our son took after him. Even now (our son is almost 4) if they're both in our bed I can't sleep in the room.
Good luck with the new baby coming :-) you'll get some sleep.... someday ;-)

Kelly-Marie said...

Aw totally cute x